How Bootstrapper Andy Lehr uses AI to edit his podcast
Learn how Andreas Lehr, Founder of Happy Bootstrapping, uses AI to automate his podcast editing! Team
5 new tools to automate podcast production, powered by AI
Automate your podcast production workflow (to get that sweet sound) with these 5 new tools!
Jacob Bozarth
What are LUFS? A simple guide for podcasters
What the LUF are LUFS? And what is loudness? How is it measured? Learn all you need to know... Team
Audio normalization: A podcaster’s guide to leveling audio
Learn ideal loudness levels for Apple Podcasts and Spotify and how to normalize your audio. Team
What is audio compression? A guide for podcasters
Learn what compression is, why it matters for your podcast, 3 ways to compress, and more. Team
Resound vs. Adobe Podcast
See how Resound and Adobe Podcast compare and decide which one is best for your podcast workflow. Team

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Resound vs. Alitu
See how Resound and Alitu compare and decide which one is best for your podcast workflow. Team
Resound vs. Podcastle
See how Resound and Podcastle compare and decide which one is best for your podcast workflow. Team
Resound vs. Descript
See how Resound and Descript compare, how they are different, and decide which one is best for you. Team
Join the Resound affiliate program to make money podcasting
Earn a 25% lifetime commission by recommending Resound to your audience.‍ Team
How to generate AI voices with text to speech
Explore the power of TTS and how it could benefit your podcast.
Mari Sahakyan
How to make a video podcast: All you need to know
Learn what it takes to start a successful video podcast on YouTube.
Maria Imelda Alvarez
The 10 best AI audio enhancers for podcasters in 2023
Explore the 10 best AI audio enhancers to automatically mix and master your podcast. Team
How to make a podcast RSS feed
Learn about the really simple technology that powers podcasting: The RSS feed. Team
How to edit a podcast: Step-by-step from 30K ft to 100 ft view
Learn all you need to know about podcast editing. The philosophy, the process, and the tools.
Jacob Bozarth
20 best places to get royalty-free music for podcasters
Discover the 20 best places to find royalty-free music for your podcast. Team
All you need to know about podcast formats
Discover various podcast formats like interview, monologue, cohosted, narrative, and panel. Team
What makes a good podcast? 30 tips from 30 podcast pros
Learn what it takes to make a good podcast from 30 professionals who have done it themselves! Team
4 Podcast script templates you can steal
Revolutionize your podcasts with 4 script templates from a professional producer. Team
The 4 best ways to make money podcasting
Discover the top 4 strategies for monetizing your podcast and generating revenue. Team
The 7 Best Podcast Apps for Listening in 2023
Explore the top 7 podcast apps, providing creators with an overview of the popular platforms. Team
10 Best Podcast Hosting Sites (Beginners & Pros)
Discover the features, pricing, and benefits of the 10 best podcast hosting sites for publishing. Team
Introducing new paid subscriptions
Learn about Resound's four new subscription plans, including an ongoing free plan.
Jacob Bozarth
Resound Raises $1.35M to Automate Podcast Editing
A brief message from our Co-Founder and CEO on fundraising and Resound's vision.
Jacob Bozarth
How to Upload a Podcast to Apple Podcasts in 2023
Learn how to get your show in front of millions of listeners with Apple devices. Here's how. Team
How to Upload Podcast to Spotify
Get your show in front of 400M+ listeners by uploading it to Spotify. Here’s how you do it. Team
What is a Podcast? (Everything You Need to Know)
Is a podcast an audio file or a video? What's the purpose of a podcast and how do they work?
Colby S.
The 8 Best Podcast Recording Software Apps
Get ready to hit record and share your voice with the world with the 8 best recording apps.
Colby S.
The 7 Best Podcast Editing Software Apps
Find the perfect podcast software to edit and enhance your podcast before you hit publish.
Colby S.
90 Podcast Interview Questions to Hook Your Listeners
If you're interviewing people on your podcast, then you need to ask GREAT questions. Here's how...
Colby S.
30 Podcast Statistics for 2022 (Data and Charts)
Learn the most recent stats about the podcast industry to see where you fit in.
Colby S.
How to Record a Podcast in 5 Easy Steps
Learn the best way to record a podcast on your smartphone or laptop, in person or online.
Colby S.
Best Podcast Starter Kits (for Every Situation)
Find the perfect podcast equipment curated to your specific needs, recommended by Audio Engineers. Team
What Are Filler Words? (11 Super Common Words)
Filler words like "um", "uh," "so," "you know," and "alright" are words used to
Colby S.
The Future of Podcast Editing: Resound's Vision
It can take a professional audio engineer 3 hrs to edit a 1 hr podcast. We exist to change that.
Jacob Bozarth