Our story begins in 1787

With this guy,
Ernst Chladni
Chladni was a German Physicist who made a fascinating scientific discovery: He discovered that by placing sand on a flat metal plate and running the bow of a violin across the edge, he could generate a unique pattern in the sand for different frequencies. They looked like this:
These patterns were known as “Chladni Figures” and have earned him the name of “The Father of Acoustics.”
Drawing of Ernst Chladni "The Father of Acoustics"

ok, Fast forward to 2020

A boutique podcast production company in Louisville, KY by the name of Resonate Recordings discovers that by training a machine-learning algorithm to automatically remove “ums” and “ahs” from podcast episodes, they can cut the podcast editing process down from hours, to minutes. They decided to name their new creation “Resound.”

At that exact moment, when their AI editor was first used to detect an “um”, a rip in space-time transported the team of Software Developers back into 18th century Germany. They stood face to face with the (confused) Father of Acoustics himself.
Ernst Chladni, The Father of Acoustics looking confused.
The Father of Acoustics looking confused.
It seemed as if the words “Resonate” and “Resound” had somehow created a bridge between two worlds, separated by both time and space.
One day, you shall useth my work to build thy brand and saveth thy podcasters billions of minutes. Have faith my friends, and godspeed.
Chladni handed the Founders of Resound a metallic plate and said something that shook them to the core. He spoke in German, but somehow they understood that he said, “One day, you shall useth my work to build thy brand. Have faith my friends, and godspeed.”

Chladni had discovered that every frequency of sound creates a unique pattern, just as every podcaster has their own unique voice and message to share with the world.

Resound exists to empower podcasters through AI.

So when you see a pattern on our site, in a social post, or whatever, remember to share your frequency (your voice). And don’t mess with time travel, it’s very dangerous.