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Our mission

automate podcast editing with AI.

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Resound is a software company on a mission to automate podcast editing with AI. After manually editing thousands of podcasts at Resonate Recordings, we built an internal tool to automate the process. Now we’re perfecting that tool so we can share it with the world.

Our Story


While working at Resonate Recordings we cursed our computers for years while we painstankingly edited podcast audio manually. Trust us, we feel your pain.


We said enough was enough and built our own internal tool to automate the editing workflows at Resonate Recordings. It wasn’t perfect, but we saw the value immediately.


We decided to go all-in and start a new company called Resound.

Our mission: Automate podcast editing with AI.

Our brand inspiration: The Father of Acoustics himself, Ernst Chladni. Thanks, Gramps!
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Ernst Chladni, The Father of Acoustics looking confused.
Inspiration for our brand and Father of Acoustics, Ernst Chladni.
Meet Ernst
Ernst Chladni (1756–1827) was a German Physicist who made a fascinating scientific discovery: Placing sand on a flat metal plate and running the bow of a violin across the edge could generate a unique pattern at specific frequencies of sound. These beautiful patterns were known as “Chladni Figures” and have earned him the name of “The Father of Acoustics.”


We secured resources, grew our team, built our MVP, and began the journey to product-market fit.

We collaborated with our audio wizard friends at Resonate Recordings to test our MVP and give us valuable feedback that we've implemented. We launched our private beta to our early access waitlist in November.


Launched 15+ major updates to the product based on amazing feedback from podcasters like you! 

This all led up to our biggest release in October, where we announced 5 new tools to automate podcasting with AI in October.

See the full list of updates in our Changelog.


Launched Filler Sound Detection V1, which reached nearly a 90% acceptance rate among test users. Translation? This AI is insanely accurate.

And more updates coming soon...


Headshot of Jacob Bozarth

Jacob Bozarth

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder and CEO of Resonate Recordings. Co-Founder of Black Mountain Media. Executive Producer of two #1 Apple podcasts, Culpable and Undetermined. Professional Audio Engineer with a Bachelors of Science in Recording from MTSU.
Headshot of Mark Minnery

Mark Minnery

Co-Founder & COO
Co-Founder of Resonate Recordings. Co-Founder of Black Mountain Media. Executive Producer of two #1 Apple podcasts, Culpable and Undetermined. Founder and CEO of two telecommunication companies, with exits in 2016 and 2020.

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