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Resound HQ
March 7, 2023

Introducing new paid subscriptions

Resound is a subscription-based service that automatically finds umms and ahhs in your podcast audio so you can take back your time.

For the past four months, Resound has been 100% free. During that time, hundreds of podcasters processed thousands of minutes of audio. However...

Starting today, March 20th, the free beta period is ending as we launch four new paid subscription plans.

These paid plans will enable us to continue building on the foundation we’ve laid together – bringing life to more of the feature requests we’ve heard from our community. Free plans will still be an option, but we’ll have three additional plans tailored to meet your needs.

For the price of 2 lattes, you can now cut back on hours and hours of tedious editing and unlock AI filler sound detection, plus additional features like multitrack editing for interview shows.

As a thank you to our early adopters, we're offering a 30% discount for the first year. See the terms and conditions below.

Learn more about paid plans on our new pricing page here.

30% Discount Terms and Conditions 🎁

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Jacob Bozarth

Co-Founder and CEO of Resound. Executive Producer of the #1 Apple podcast Culpable. Professional Audio Engineer with a Bachelors of Science in Recording from MTSU.

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Jacob Bozarth
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