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Resound Raises $1.35M to Automate Podcast Editing

March 20, 2023
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We’re thrilled to announce that Resound has raised $1.35M in pre-seed funding from Render Capital, Keyhorse Capital, Lunsford Capital, Bluegrass Angels, Hidden Ventures, Rounsavall Investments, Garrett French, and Commonwealth Seed Capital.

Resound is building a tool that automatically removes umms and ahhs from your podcast audio in minutes, not hours.

This funding will help Resound build the machine learning system that quickly and accurately detects and corrects mistakes.

Resound was birthed out of my first company, Resonate Recordings, where we have worked with thousands of podcasters on over 35,000 episodes since 2014. Over the past 8 years, we’ve learned just how time-consuming, tedious, frustrating, and expensive podcast editing can be.

While this technology was initially built to solve the biggest problem we face daily at Resonate, we have decided to make this technology available to everyone because we believe it has the potential to help many creators, editors, businesses, networks, and more in the podcasting space.

Many podcasters report that it takes them three to four hours to edit a one-hour podcast. Resound exists to change this. We want to make editing common mistakes from your audio fast, easy, and affordable.

Resound launched public beta in December 2022. Get started by creating a free account today.

Edit your podcast in minutes with AI filler sound detection.

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Edit your podcast in minutes with AI filler sound detection.

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