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Colby S.

3+ years as a lead marketer in the podcast industry. 6+ years experience in Audio Engineering and Music Production.

8 Best podcast production companies of 2024
Thinking about outsourcing your podcast to an agency or freelancer? Read this first.
Colby S.
7 Best podcast courses of 2024
Want to learn how to start a podcast? Looking for community online? These courses might be for you!
Colby S.
What is a Podcast? (Everything You Need to Know)
Is a podcast an audio file or a video? What's the purpose of a podcast and how do they work?
Colby S.
The 8 Best Podcast Recording Software Apps
Get ready to hit record and share your voice with the world with the 8 best recording apps.
Colby S.
The 7 Best Podcast Editing Software Apps
Find the perfect podcast software to edit and enhance your podcast before you hit publish.
Colby S.
100+ Podcast Interview Questions to Hook Your Listeners
If you're interviewing people on your podcast, then you need to ask GREAT questions. Here's how...
Colby S.
32+ Podcast Statistics for 2024 (Data and Charts)
Learn the most recent stats about the podcast industry to see where you fit in.
Colby S.
How to Record a Podcast in 5 Easy Steps
Learn the best way to record a podcast on your smartphone or laptop, in person or online.
Colby S.
What Are Filler Words? (11 Super Common Words)
Filler words like "um", "uh," "so," "you know," and "alright" are words used to
Colby S.

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