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December 8, 2023

How Bootstrapper Andy Lehr uses AI to edit his podcast

Resound.fm Team

Andreas Lehr, aka Andy, is a passionate bootstrapper, founder, and creator that’s 50 episodes deep in his journey crafting the Happy Bootstrapping Podcast. Make sure to check out his content, follow, subscribe, all that good stuff!

Resound is proud to be used by podcasters from around the world! Andy’s podcast is in German, so sadly for our US readers you may not get to listen, but we still encourage you to check out his English Newsletter Happy Bootstrapping!

We asked Andy about his experience editing his podcast in Resound… Here’s what he said.

*Contents slightly edited for grammar and simplicity.

What is in your podcasting toolkit? 

Why did you start the Happy Bootstrapping podcast?

I started as I wasn't inspired by the many VC stories that came up over here. Although I am not a VC enemy, I discovered the more interesting stories in the indie hacker and bootstrapping scene. This community is full of people starting a side-hustle, growing it to a full time job, as one-man/woman show...  I like the stories and creativity/focus in that space and wanted to give them a space and inspire people to follow their dream and start something on the side. And, although having 20+ years experience in IT and e-commerce, I learn something new in every episode!

How do you overcome podfade and creative burnout?  

I guess this is why I am doing multiple things: Having my own company, writing a newsletter, recording a podcast... I overcome the podfade by having a fixed "publishing" date per week, each thursday. Everything must be ready by then. This means on the other hand that often things that are not "important and urgent" get no space/time to get ready. In addition I allow the future guests to book a slot, so my backlog is always filled with new episodes. At least for now, I have the next 8-10 episodes planned with a recording date.

What problems were you having with your podcast or podcast workflow when you found Resound?

I was not having fun while editing. I was having plenty of guests without regular media attendance - so I had to cut many fillers out, and Resound worked great for that use-case.

How has Resound helped you the most?

Resound helped me have more fun in cutting podcasts.

They help remove fillers, but I like that they only "recommend" edits and don’t do it for me. I still let 10% of fillers in, where it makes more sense: automated AI would have cut them.

Also, I can cut the podcast "online", on different devices, even sitting on my couch or in the garden!

What is your favorite thing about using Resound?

That I can cut Podcasts online comfortably and that it's not running in "full AI" mode. I can still choose which changes to accept and which to leave alone.

What should Resound improve in the future?

Having an editor per track so I can cut when all participants are talking at the same time.

What tools did you try to edit your podcast using Resound?

Garageband, riverside

What would you say to someone on the fence about using Resound?

You can cut your podcasts while enjoying a beer in the garden! :)

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