Podcast Production

Podcast production is the process of editing, mixing, and mastering your podcast to prepare it for distribution in podcast directories like Apple, Spotify, Google, and others.
Podcast intros and outros: All you need to know (with scripts)
Learn the art of a compelling intro and outro, including 8+ examples from top podcasts.
Resound.fm Team
What are LUFS? A simple guide for podcasters
What the LUF are LUFS? And what is loudness? How is it measured? Learn all you need to know...
Resound.fm Team
Audio normalization: A podcaster’s guide to leveling audio
Learn ideal loudness levels for Apple Podcasts and Spotify and how to normalize your audio.
Resound.fm Team
What is audio compression? A guide for podcasters
Learn what compression is, why it matters for your podcast, 3 ways to compress, and more.
Resound.fm Team
How to make a video podcast: All you need to know
Learn what it takes to start a successful video podcast on YouTube.
Maria Imelda Alvarez

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