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Filler Sound Detection

Remove ums and ahs from your audio

Automatically cut ums and ahs from your podcast in minutes, without tediously listening to every single second of audio.
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Founded by Professional audio engineers, trusted by
Honestly, Resound has saved me probably hundreds of hours at this point.
Jacob Wolf – Award-Winning Investigative Reporter, Founder of Overcome
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Automate it

Stop wasting hundreds of hours finding ums and ahs manually.


Instantly detect filler sounds with AI

Find all your ums, ahs, ehs, ers, hms, and other non-word sounds that distract listeners  and clutter your message.

Review and adjust each edit as needed

Resound suggests, you decide. You can cut an edit to delete it from the audio or keep it to leave it alone.

Track how much time you save your listeners

Cut hundreds of mistakes from your podcast in minutes, saving your listeners time, improving the clarity of your message, and boosting engagement.

And so much more...

Favorite File Formats

Export studio-quality WAV, MP3, and AAF file formats

Four Track Support

Edit multitrack podcasts and keep tracks separate


Rely on auto-save and go back to edit and re-export your file later

Keyboard Shortcuts

Work lightning fast with keyboard shortcuts
Your message is our mission.

Empower, not replace

Resound is built by the same team of professional audio engineers behind Culpable and 15 other #1 shows on Apple Podcasts. We know from experience how tedious and time consuming post-production can be. Resound was built from the ground up to automate the mundane so you can focus on your message, not your mess-ups.
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Four Easy Steps

How to automatically remove ums and ahs from audio.


Drag and drop your unedited single track or multitrack audio files into the upload circle. Resound accepts all major file formats.


Sit back and let Resound’s proprietary machine learning go to work on your audio, identifying all the edits you should consider.


Stay in control by reviewing each edit, selecting cut to remove or keep to leave it alone.  


Export and download your edited file in your favorite formats (WAV, MP3 or AAF), as a merged file, individual files, or both.
Founded by Professional audio engineers, trusted by