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Founded by Professional audio engineers, trusted by
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There’s a better way.

Editing your podcast shouldn’t take 3 hours.
Resound single-handedly changed the way I edit my podcasts!
Dennis Cooper – Host of Culpable, #1 Apple Podcasts
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Filler Sound Detection

Find ums and ahs in your podcast

Resound uses proprietary machine learning models to identify unwanted mistakes that distract listeners like umms, ahhhs, ehhhs, errs.
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Silence Detection

Find long and awkward silences

Automatically find silences longer than 3 seconds in your audio to shorten your episode, improve the pace, and boost listener retention.
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Trim Audio

Cut audio with a click and a drag

Make your own edits with a simple click and drag. Refine your content so it’s ready to publish to the world.
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Mix and master your podcast

Automatically mix and master your podcast to remove background noise, level, normalize, polish, and export at optimal loudness standards.
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Your message is our mission.

Empower, not replace

Resound is built by the same team of professional audio engineers behind Culpable and 15 other #1 shows on Apple Podcasts. We know from experience how tedious and time consuming post-production can be. Resound was built from the ground up to automate the mundane so you can focus on your message, not your mess-ups.
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Four Easy Steps

Automate your podcast editing


Drag and drop your unedited single track or multitrack audio files into the upload circle. Resound accepts all major file formats.


Sit back and let Resound’s proprietary machine learning go to work on your audio, identifying all the edits you should consider.


Stay in control by reviewing each edit, selecting cut to remove it or keep to leave it alone. Preview how your edited and/or enhanced audio sounds.


Export and download your edited file in your favorite formats (WAV, MP3 or AAF), as a merged file, individual files, or both.
What's Coming Next?

The future of AI podcast editing has only begun.

Repeat Detection

Automatically find distracting repeated words and phrases in your audio.
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Filler Word Detection

Automatically find filler words such as so, you know, and like in your audio.
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Video Exports

Export edited videos from Resound for sharing on YouTube and social media.
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Stutter detection

Automatically find and remove stutters from your podcast audio to save time.
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The editing part of my workflow has been streamlined greatly...the time taken has reduced by 80%.
Dante H.
It’s intuitive and easy to use, whether you’re completely new to podcasting or an experienced editor.
Max Carrey
Podcast Producer
Resound is the best tool I've found for allowing me to easily remove filler from my podcast while still giving me control over what I choose to keep in.
Host of Into the Kinoverse

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Founded by Professional audio engineers, trusted by