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Why does podcast editing suck?

Editing a podcast shouldn’t take 3 hrs.
But it CAN.

If you’ve ever started your own podcast, you know what we’re talking about. Editing all the mistakes in your podcast is the worst.
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Editing is Time-Consuming

On average, it can take a professional engineer 1.5 hrs to edit a 30 minute podcast. If you’re not a pro, it can take up to 3 hrs to edit a 30 minute show. That’s not cool.
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Editing is hard to learn

Mobile podcast creation tools exist, but if you want to edit content like ums and ahs or unwanted segments you have to download a program onto your laptop (if you even have one) which can take even more time to learn.
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Editing is expensive

Outsourcing podcast production is awesome, but it costs way too much for most creators getting started. An average 12-episode season can cost $1000 to $7,500 just in editing fees-or you could buy a used car.

Don’t waste your time editing each word.
automate your podcast production.

Try the Demo
GIF of the Resound demo showing a waveform with red lines marking "ums" and "ahs" to be removed

How it Works


Record or Upload Audio
Record your voice and review the clip before you submit it for automatic editing.


Process The Files
Run your recording through Resound to automatically flag each "um" and "ah" you said.


Accept or Ignore Each Edit
Review each "um" and "ah" to make sure they're accurate or just accept all edits.


Export Your Edited File
Export your audio without the mistakes and figure out what you're going to do with all the time you saved.


Record or Upload Audio
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Process The Files
Short 1-sentence summary will go here to expound on the point listed above.

Coming Soon

Mix and master in seconds icon
Mix and master your podcast in seconds with AI.
import files from your favorite apps icon
Import files directly from your favorite remote recording apps.
Cut out "likes", explitives, long pauses, and more icon
Instantly edit out ‘like’, long pauses, coughs, expletives, and more.
Enhance your podcast with music and segments icon
Enhance your podcast with music, sound effects, and transitions.
Podcast from anywhere with mobile apps icon
Create anywhere on-the-go with iOS and Android apps.
Collaborate seamlessly with team icon
Collaborate seamlessly with your team, and so much more...


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