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Add ai-powered editing to your audio or video app

Add filler sound detection and silence detection to your product in days, not years.
2  {
3    "label": "filler-sound",
4    "confidence": 0.85,
5    "begin": "28.780",
6    "end": "29.405"
7  },
8  {
9   "label": "silence",
10   "confidence": 1.00,
11   "begin": "34.985"
12   "end": "39.545",
13  }
Founded by Professional audio engineers, trusted by

Who is the API for?

Audio and video editing apps
Listening apps
Remote recording apps
Podcast hosting sites
E-learning platforms
And so much more! 
Features and benefits

Save your users time with precise AI-powered editing

1import requests
3res =
4    "",
5    json={
6        "files": [
7            "",
8        ],
9        "callback": "",
10    },
11    headers={
12        "Authorization": "Token <token>",
13    },
1const res = await fetch(
2    '', {
3        method: 'POST',
4        body: JSON.stringify({
5            'files': [
6                '',
7            ],
8            'callback': '',
9            'services': ['predictions'],
10        }),
11        headers: {
12            'accept': 'application/json',
13            'authorization': 'Token <token>',
14            'content-type': 'application/json',
15        }
16    }
1curl -X 'POST' \
2    '' \
3    -H 'accept: application/json' \
4    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
5    -H 'Authorization: Token <token>' \
6    -d '{
7    "files": [
8        "",
9    ],
10    "callback": "",
11    "services": ["predictions"]

Detect filler sounds

Find all the ums and ahs in your audio within minutes using AI that we’ve honed over four years of R&D.

Detect boring silences

Find long silences that are distracting listeners.

Review projects in web app

Troubleshoot projects easily by opening the Resound app to see and hear the AI editing results.

Why Resound?

88% acceptance rate

88 out of 100 suggested edits are accepted (cut out) by users.

200,000+ examples

Filler sound detection has been trained on thousands of real podcast audio files.

16,000 data points in 1 second of audio

That's why our edits have precisely accurate start and end times.

Trained on audio data, not text

This means far more accurate edits than traditional solutions like STT APIs.
Your message is our mission.

Empower, not replace

Resound is built by the same team of professional audio engineers behind Culpable and 15 other #1 shows on Apple Podcasts. We know from experience how tedious and time consuming post-production can be. Resound was built from the ground up to automate the mundane so you can focus on your message, not your mess-ups.
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Four Easy Steps

How to add AI-powered editing to an app with Resound's API

Request API access

Click the link below and fill out the contact form to request access to the API.

Generate API key

Once you get approved, we’ll send you instructions to generate an authentication key.

Request predictions

Last but not least, follow our simple API instructions to send a request for predictions (AI edits) to be returned in JSON.

Add AI editing and grow!

Integrate Resound into your product and boost your user engagement, add a feature to up-sell your paid plans, and grow!
Founded by Professional audio engineers, trusted by