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November 8, 2023

The best AI tools for podcasters

Resound.fm Team

If you’re anything like us, there’s one hot button issue that’s clogging your social media feeds, dominating your aglorithm, and causing people to storm out of dinner parties: AI. Two little letters that are changing the world, whether we like it or not. 

That’s why we’ve spent time curating a list of AI tools specifically for podcasters and content creators. These tools are all designed to help streamline your workflow, making more time for your creative process.

What we’ll cover: 

Plus we’ll share brief explanations of why these tools work so well for podcasters. 

Best AI audio editing apps 

Weed out the ums, trim long silences, and finesse your finished podcast with professional quality audio editing tools powered by AI. 

  1. Resound ($0-$49/month)—We’ll put our audio editing tools up against any in the business, and we believe they’ll come out on top. Why? Because we power our products with AI that aligns with the philosophy of empowering creators, not replacing them. Let Resound detect filler sounds like um and ah, long silences, mix and master audio in one click, and soon, identify repeats and filler words. 
  2. Auphonic ($0-$127.15/year)—An AI-powered sound engineer, the Auphonic algorithm has been learning for 5+ years and is adept at balancing levels, reducing ambient noise and filtering unwanted frequencies. Package your podcast for all the major publishers with one tool thanks to Auphonic’s consistency and audio algorithms which ensure your episode meets the standards for the major platforms. We love Auphonic so much that Enhance, a one-click mixing solution in Resound, is powered by Auphonic under the hood. 
  3. Adobe Podcast ($0-$100/year for Adobe Express Premium)—Currently still in Beta, Adobe Podcast is an AI-powered audio editing web app that offers professional-quality editing solutions, including powerful background noise removal (Speech Enhance), pre-edited, royalty-free music, analysis of your recording set up, text-based editing, and more. Adobe Podcast bears all the hallmarks of an industry juggernaut and we’re excited to see what comes after the Beta stage. Wondering how Resound stacks up against Adobe Podcast? We took a closer look in a recent blog.
  4. Podcastle ($0-$23.99/month but they will also create a custom plan for large organizations)—Record, edit and host in one place with Podcastle, an AI-powered podcasting toolkit that simplifies workflows and streamlines processes. If you’re looking to create audio and video content to promote your brand or share your passions, then Podcastle may be for you. See how Resound compares to Podcastle here

Best AI video editing apps 

Support your podcast with engaging video content, created with the help of powerful AI tools, all geared toward simplifying the editing process so you can spend more time creating. 

  1. AutoPod ($29/month per individual license)—Shave hours off your week with AutoPod, an AI-powered editing tool that plugs in to Adobe Premiere Pro to automatically edit multi-camera sequences, create jump cuts based on audio silences, and even package your social media. Essentially this app uses your audio to identify who is speaking then enable the video for that speaker, saving tons of editing time in the process. 
  2. Descript ($0-$24/month but they will create a custom plan for large, enterprise-level subscribers)—Claiming to be as simple as it is powerful, Descript is a future-looking video editing platform that lets you edit audio and video just like a word document, and lets AI do the tedious tasks, leaving you time and brain power to explore your creativity in new and exciting ways. See how we think Descript stacks up against Resound now.
  3. VEED ($0-$59/month)—Create captivating social media videos, reliable subtitles, and accurate translations with VEED, an AI-powered video editing app geared toward content creators. Not only is VEED a powerful video editor, but you can also do the fun stuff like add on-screen text or emojis with a simple click. 

Best AI writing apps

Most podcasters take a lot of pride in the scripts they write, the interviews they craft, and the stories they tell. However, that doesn’t mean that AI can’t streamline your editing, help you brainstorm and even help you clean up your punctuation. 

  1. Grammarly ($0-$14.50 per member on your account)—People of all writing styles and skill levels will benefit from the Grammarly plugin, which checks your grammar, punctuation and spelling in real time, and even makes suggestions for structure. This product has been a lifesaver in our own content at Resound. 
  2. ChatGPT ($20/mo - Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus to unlock the GPT-4 model, faster response time, and more)—Intimidated by the blank page? No sweat. Just enter a prompt into ChatGPT’s chat bot and you’ll be gifted a jumping off point that will have your wheels turning and your mind churning.
  3. Capsho ($0-$129/month)—You write the content, then Capsho will turn it into relevant marketing materials like social media captions, YouTube descriptions, snackable soundbites and even promotional emails. 
  4. CastMagic ($23-$179/month)—Boasting a simple, three-step process, CastMagic is a super-straightforward way to leverage your existing content into additional assets. Simple upload your MP3 or paste your YouTube link, select the outputs you want from CastMagic’s list, and begin sharing your content with the world. 

Best AI marketing apps 

You’re already created great content, now put it to work for your brand with AI-powered tools that share that great content with the world! 

  1. Munch (starting at $49/month)—If you’re looking to get the most revenue for your recording, Munch is here to help. Munch uses state-of-the-art analysis to stay on top of social media trends and produce content with high trend potential, extracting the most engaging segments from your content and generating snackable, shareable clips you can leverage on TikTok, Stories, Reels, and YouTube Shorts.
  2. Magic Clips by Riverside ($0-$24/month or custom pricing based on your business needs)—Need an objective third party to select the best moments from your recordings and turn them into marketing opportunities? Then you need Magic Clips, an AI-backed feature from the remote recording app Riverside that clips your best moments so you can get even more out of them.

Best AI music creators  

If you’re ready to step up to the majors with your podcast production, you can swing for the fences with never-before-heard music created with help from AI. AI music creation still has a long way to go before it’s able to reliable produce a song for you from end-to-end, but we’re still excited about these tools… 

  1. Musicflow ($49-$99.99/month but you can save a lot with an annual plan instead of monthly)—If you’ve got an imagination, you’ve got music. To begin, simply type in a text prompt and let Musicflow compose your symphony, write your pop hit or lay down your next flow. Best of all? You get full professional usage rights to the results.
  2. Splice ($12.99-$39.99/month)—Splice is one of the most trusted sources for royalty-free samples, loops, and sound effects for music producers available today. And now they have an AI powered feature that lets you general musical combinations no one has ever heard before. Start with a style, create a stack, and Splice will help new sounds just like that. All sounds are cleared for commercial use and are yours to use forever, so you can brand your podcast like never before. 

Final thoughts

While this post certainly isn’t an exhaustive exploration of AI-backed tools (that list is thousands of apps long and growing by the day), it does represent our favorite kind of AI. In fact, we selected these options specifically because they will make more room for your creativity by streamlining the mundane tasks on your list. 

Did we miss an app? Let us know what we should test and add to the list next.

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