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Jacob Bozarth

Co-Founder and CEO of Resound. Executive Producer of the #1 Apple podcast Culpable. Professional Audio Engineer with a Bachelors of Science in Recording from MTSU.

5 new tools to automate podcast production, powered by AI
Automate your podcast production workflow (to get that sweet sound) with these 5 new tools!
Jacob Bozarth
How to edit a podcast: Step-by-step from 30K ft to 100 ft view
Learn all you need to know about podcast editing. The philosophy, the process, and the tools.
Jacob Bozarth
Introducing new paid subscriptions
Learn about Resound's four new subscription plans, including an ongoing free plan.
Jacob Bozarth
Resound Raises $1.35M to Automate Podcast Editing
A brief message from our Co-Founder and CEO on fundraising and Resound's vision.
Jacob Bozarth
The Future of Podcast Editing: Resound's Vision
It can take a professional audio engineer 3 hrs to edit a 1 hr podcast. We exist to change that.
Jacob Bozarth

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