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December 5, 2023

How to write podcast show notes (with templates)

Deirdre Tshien

According to Podcast Index, there are over 4.3 million active podcasts! Podcasting has become an immensely popular medium for sharing ideas, stories, and valuable content with audiences around the world. 

As a podcast creator, you may have realized that creating great content is just the first step towards building a successful podcast. To ensure your episodes reach a wider audience and engage listeners beyond the listening experience, it's essential to accompany each episode with well-crafted show notes.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of writing effective podcast show notes, covering everything from understanding what show notes are to implementing best practices that can help your podcast be discovered. 

What are show notes?

Show notes are written summaries or descriptions of individual podcast episodes. They serve as a companion to your audio content and provide valuable information and context to your listeners. Show notes are typically displayed alongside the episode in podcast directories and on your podcast's website.

The primary purpose of show notes is to give your audience a preview of what they can expect from the episode. They provide a brief overview of the topics discussed, why they should listen, key points covered, and any notable guests featured. Show notes can also include timestamps that allow listeners to navigate directly to specific sections of the episode, making it easier for them to find and revisit specific content.

Why should you write show notes?

Writing show notes for your podcast episodes offers several benefits that can significantly enhance your podcasting efforts. Let's explore the key reasons why you should invest time and effort into crafting compelling show notes:

Market your episode to new listeners

Show notes serve as an opportunity to market your episode and attract new listeners. When potential listeners come across your podcast on a website or podcast directory, they often rely on the accompanying show notes to determine if the episode aligns with their interests. By crafting engaging and informative show notes, you can entice curious listeners to hit the play button and explore your content further.

Help listeners navigate the episode

Not every listener has the time or inclination to listen to an entire episode from start to finish. Show notes act as a navigation tool, allowing listeners to skip to specific sections or topics that interest them the most. By providing clear timestamps and brief summaries of each segment, you empower your audience to easily find and engage with the content that resonates with them. This convenience can lead to increased listener satisfaction and retention.

SEO benefits outside of podcast player applications

Show notes can contribute to your podcast's search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. When you publish show notes on your podcast's website or blog, search engines can index the text, making your content more discoverable to potential listeners who use search engines to find podcasts. By strategically incorporating relevant keywords, providing valuable information, and structuring your show notes effectively, you can improve your podcast's visibility in search engine results and attract a broader audience.

Where do show notes go?

Show notes can be placed in different locations to ensure they reach your audience effectively. Here are the two primary locations where you should consider including your show notes:

Episode description

One of the most common places to include show notes is within the episode description. When you publish your podcast episode on various platforms like Apple Podcasts or Spotify there is usually a section where you can provide a description for each episode. 

This is an ideal place to add a condensed version of your show notes, including the episode summary, key takeaways, and any important links or resources. By placing your show notes in the episode description, you make them easily accessible to listeners directly on the podcast platform.

As long as you add your description for the episode when you upload your episode to your hosting platform, it will ensure your episode is automatically published with this description. 

Podcast website (Optional)

If you have a dedicated website for your podcast, consider publishing your show notes as a separate blog post or page. This allows you to provide a more comprehensive and detailed version of your show notes. In addition to the summary and key takeaways, you can include the full transcript, additional resources, and any other relevant information you want to share with your audience. 

Publishing show notes on your website also offers the benefit of driving traffic to your site, improving SEO, and providing a centralized location where listeners can access all your episodes and related content.

Types of show notes

There are 3 main styles of show notes you could create for your podcast depending on your audience and show type. 

1. Short-form show notes

This style of show notes has the sole purpose of hooking your listeners and getting them to click play. This is a great choice for shorter episodes and/or if you have a more fickle listener base who are scanning for their next listen. 

Short-form show notes template:

The Mindvalley Podcast does a great job of crafting this powerful combination for their audience who are looking to transform their lives. Here is an example:

A screenshot of the Mind Valley website showing an episode with show notes
Image Source: The Mindvalley Podcast

2. Long-form show notes (most popular) 

This style of show notes is still focused on enticing your audience to listen to your episode but with a little more content to help them make this decision. It also serves as a reference point for your listener to come back to with links to resources mentioned in the episode and information on how to take the next step with you. 

This is the most popular style of show notes. 

Long-form show notes template:

Diary of a CEO is a standout example of this style of show notes: 

A GIF showing the apple podcasts page for diary of a ceo as an example of podcast show notes
Image Source: Diary of a CEO Apple Podcasts

3. Full show notes

This style of show notes is best suited for a dedicated podcast website for an episode where you post every single episode of your show and have more space to share a full transcript.

Full show notes template

Here is an example of full show notes for the Grow My Podcast Show: 

A GIF showing example podcast show notes on the grow my podcast show website
Image Source: Grow My Podcast Show


Crafting effective show notes is an essential part of your podcasting journey, whether you choose short-form, long-form, or full show notes for your show.  Show notes are not just a summary; they are a powerful tool to engage your audience, improve discoverability, and enhance the overall listening experience. 

By investing time and effort into creating informative, enticing, and SEO-friendly show notes, you're not only supporting your current listenership but also paving the way for new listeners to discover and fall in love with your podcast. Remember, your podcast's success is not just about what happens on the air, but also about the valuable content you provide off the air through your show notes.

Want Capsho to do it for you? Capsho’s AI-powered content marketer turns your episode audio or video file into show notes (and over 40 other pieces of content!) automatically. Learn more at capsho.com 

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