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Resound HQ
October 2, 2023

5 new tools to automate podcast production, powered by AI

For the last 3 months Resound, the AI podcast editor, has been quietly building and iterating.

Today we’re announcing a BIG step forward to achieving our mission of automating audio production.

We have five big updates...

1. Enhance

Automatically mix and master your podcast in one click with AI. Reduce background noise and reverb, make your dialogue shine, normalize the volume of tracks, and master your audio to streaming standards. It’s powered by AI and was built in collaboration with pro Audio Engineers from Resonate Recordings. Learn more (video).

2. Manually Trim Audio

Add your own edits with a right-click and drag. You can now trim audio manually in Resound with a simple click and drag. That means you can cut out unwanted content, make edits your guests request, or cut those mid-episode meltdowns. Learn more (video).

3. Silence Detection

Cut minutes of boring silence and cut hours of boring work. You can automatically find and remove long pauses in Resound with Silence Detection. Learn more (video).

4. Filler Sound Detection V0.7

Get more accurate edits with our latest machine learning model. The number of missed edits has been improved by 70% and makes fewer mistakes like marking the word “of” as a filler sound. We're bullish about building our own ML models and believe it is starting to pay off as this is our most accurate model to date.

5. V2 Editor

You can hear how edits sound instantly, load waveforms lightning fast, and fine-tune your preferences with our all-new V2 editor, rebuilt from the ground up.

Here’s what podcasters are saying about Resound...

“We’re huge automation nerds so when we heard how much better Enhance made our audio sound automatically, I immediately got excited thinking about all the time and productivity we’d be able to save by leveraging that feature.”

– Logan J, Co-Host & Partner at Middle Tech Podcast

“Honestly, Resound has saved me probably hundreds of hours at this point.”

– Jacob W, Founder of Overcome

Now you can leverage AI to edit faster, trim audio, detect silences, and enhance your sound with Resound.

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Jacob Bozarth

Co-Founder and CEO of Resound. Executive Producer of the #1 Apple podcast Culpable. Professional Audio Engineer with a Bachelors of Science in Recording from MTSU.

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Jacob Bozarth