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“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

November 20, 2023

New upload experience, new export experience, and more

New Feature

It’s not the sexiest feature. It’s not even the hardest to build....

But if you’re a startup you have to make hard trade-offs.

Sometimes your wants get pushed back by your musts.

And so today, after 12 months of hearing you ask for this time and time and time and time again, it’s here.

You can now see the status of uploads with a progress bar.

It may look like a tiny feature, but we solved it in a big way.

In fact, we completely redesigned the uploading experience...

🔄 New upload experience (progress bar and bulk uploads)

We overhauled the uploading and processing experience in Resound. The new project card shows a progress bar, you can do bulk uploads, you can keep working on other tasks in Resound while new projects upload in the background, and more.

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⬇️ Export projects in the background while you work  

You can now export projects in the background while doing other tasks in Resound, get an email when an export is ready to download (or easily opt out), and download your most recent export faster in a single click.

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✅ Filler Sound Detection V0.7.1

When we released V0.7 about a month ago it was our most accurate model to-date, but it also was much slower, which was causing some of our users to have projects fail. We optimized the model to be 4x faster which resolved any bugs related to projects failing. You can now enjoy all the new accuracy without the bugginess.

🙋 Learn where to get help with new Support page

You deserve an amazing experience every step of the way at Resound. Quickly learn how to get help anytime at the new page

🖇️ The big small stuff…

Uploading, processing, and enhancing is far more reliable. Fixed a bug where Enhance failed due to long file names. Fixed bug causing app to get stuck loading waveforms. You can now delete your account in settings anytime (but plz don’t!).

September 29, 2023

Manually trim audio with a right-click and drag

New Feature

Sometimes you don’t need automated editing. You just want to make your own edits.

You might want to trim out:

  • 🎨 Creative edits
  • 🙈 Sensitive content
  • 🤪 False starts and bloopers
  • 🙋Guest-requested edits
  • 🫠 Mid-episode meltdowns
  • 🎹 Sections of music

Whatever your reason, Resound now lets YOU trim audio in a few simple clicks.How does it work? Just right-click your mouse on the waveform and adjust your edits. It’s that easy.

Try trimming audio now

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September 28, 2023

Introducing Filler Sound Detection v0.7

New Feature

Get even more accurate edits with latest (and smartest) Filler Sound Detection model.  The number of missed edits has been improved by 70%, and false alerts, like marking the word “of” as a filler sound, have been decreased by 38%. We think you’re going to love it.

Try Filler Sound Detection v0.7 now

September 22, 2023

✨ Mix and master your podcast with Enhance

New Feature

Mixing and mastering your podcast audio is HARD work. That’s probably why you’re reading this in the first place.

In the past, removing background noise, balancing the volume of speakers, removing unwanted frequencies, and achieving a professional sound for your podcast meant you needed to learn audio production from the ground up. You needed to get a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), and learn how to use plugins like equalizers, compressors, spectrograms, and more.

It was a LOT of work.

But now there’s an easier way: Automatically mix and master your podcast in Resound in minutes, using AI.

One more update: If you’re editing a multitrack project, Resound now exports a merged file by default. But if you want to export individual edited tracks you can still do that by clicking “export individual tracks” on the export modal.

Enhance is temporarily free but will be a paid feature in the future. Try it for free today!

Try Enhance for free

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August 31, 2023

Introducing Silence Detection: Cut boring silences in seconds

New Feature

It doesn’t matter if you’re recording a 3-hour interview or a bite-sized monologue.

In the world of podcasting...




The bad news: Fine-tuning the pace of your audio is boring and takes forever.

The good news: You can automatically find boring silences and tweak the pace of your podcast in seconds with Resound.

Try Silence Detection

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Automatically detect silence in your audio in seconds.

Identify all silences longer than 3 seconds that might bore your listeners.

Remove silence while keeping a natural pace.

Resound leaves 1 second of padding whenever it detects silence so that you don’t strip out the human element of pace.

Cut them all in a click or review one-by-one.

Only cut the silences that bother you, and leave the rest. You’re in control.

August 7, 2023

Personalize you workflow with editor settings

New Feature

The editing experience is at the heart of Resound. That’s why we’re announcing another round of improvements to the Editor that are going to make your workflow faster and easier than before!  

⚙️ Customize your workflow in Editor Settings

Fine-tune the way the editor works to meet your needs.  

👀 See which edit is in focus and adjust edits with ease

Finding your place and fine-tuning edits is easy in this clean design  

➡️ Jump to the next edit instantly with Auto-Advance  

Jumps the playhead to the next edit once you click cut or keep.  

🔂 Instantly jump back to hear your edits with Auto-Preview

Jumps the playhead back 2 secs when you cut or adjust an edit.  

✅ Leave Auto-Advance and Auto-Preview on for fastest flow

Stick with the default settings to enjoy a faster editing experience.  

That’s not all! We’ve made some smaller tweaks as well...  

🎚 Get smoother edits with automatic crossfades applied on export  

👉 Reopen projects faster by clicking the project name

📂 Projects open instantly, no need to scroll up the page  

Try the updated Editor

July 11, 2023

🔊 Introducing Instant Preview: Hear how edits sound BEFORE you export

New Feature

You can now hear how edits sound in Resound instantly, without exporting your project.

Simply upload audio and click “cut” to instantly hear how your edit sounds.  

Editing all your umms and ahhs just got a LOT easier. But that's not all...

⬅️➡️ Move between edits faster with navigation buttons
Click the left or right arrows to move between edits, or use your arrow keys.

🏎️ Save time with faster performance in the Editor

Small and large files work with the same responsiveness, waveforms load MUCH faster, and zooming in and out is instant.

Try Instant Preview

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June 1, 2023

Filler sound detection v0.5.1 is here!

New Feature

We’re excited to announce that we updated our filler sound detection model in Resound to be even more accurate and less work for you.

Filler sound detection v0.5.1 greatly reduces the number of incorrect edits. That means you should have less edits to review, and less edits marked Keep. You’ll also notice more accurate edit boundaries (start and end times).

See how it works on your voice today!

Try v0.5.1 now

May 15, 2023

🏃‍♀️ No more chasing the cut/keep button around

New Feature

Editing your podcast in Resound is about getting your time back. But one friction point we discovered recently was that you had to chase the cut/keep button around when you were editing, which caused some annoyance and took more time.

Now the review button sits in the middle of the editor and doesn’t move. It’s a small change but a big improvement.

But that’s not all. We’ve taken a lot more of your feedback into account. So let’s dive into what’s new in Resound:

🔐 Password requirements now get checked off as you type.

No more guessing if your password is strong enough. As you type the requirements will be checked off one-by-one.

✅ See your last export time and number of tracks.

Hover over the green checkmark in the project list to see the last time you exported a project. You’ll also see how many tracks are in a project in the project list and the editor window.

💰 Introducing our private affiliate program.

We’re alpha testing an affiliate program that is by application only. Reach out if you think you’d like to share Resound with your audience to make money.

🩹 Last but not least, we fixed some paper cuts.

We fixed a lot of little bugs and made some subtle improvements to the app. For example, we got rid of the “restore” edit state so you simply choose between “cut” or “keep” each time you review an edit.

April 28, 2023

Cut and Keep are the new Accept and Ignore...


We heard a lot of feedback that the editing terms “Accept” and “Ignore” in Resound were confusing. We totally agree, so we just rolled out a new change to fix this issue. 

✂️ Cut and Keep are the new terms used in the editor instead of Accept and Ignore.

🟥 ”Cut” means this audio will be deleted

🟩 ”Keep” means this audio will be left alone

🟦 A blue edit means it's unreviewed

March 27, 2023

Filler sound detection v0.4 is here!

New Feature

Filler Sound Detection v0.4 improves the accuracy of filler sounds detected (e.g. umm) while also reducing the number of filler words (e.g. you know) detected. This subtle change sets Resound up to give you even more fine-tuned control over your edits in the near future. Try uploading an audio file with v0.4 to see how well it detects filler sounds in your voice.

Try v0.4 now

March 20, 2023

Introducing four new paid subscription plans.

New Feature

Resound’s free public beta has come to a close and four new subscription plans have been launched. You can use Resound to edit 1 hour of audio each month for free, then upgrade to one of our three paid plans to unlock additional processing time, multitrack editing, and longer project storage.  Learn more here.

January 23, 2023

Filler Sound Model V0.3.0 is here!

New Feature

Version 0.2.0 introduced breath detection to the app as a byproduct of how we built it. We heard from users like you that these breaths were more of a distraction than a value-add, so we removed them. Now you can upload audio and enjoy the same overall performance of filler sound detection without the distraction of reviewing breaths.

January 12, 2023

Drag and drop files to upload

New Feature

Drag and drop files directly into the upload circle in the app. Hold down shift to select up to 4 files at the same time. You can also click the “upload” button to manually select files.

December 8, 2022

Public beta is live: Anyone can create an account to try Resound free for a limited time

New Feature

Anyone can create a free account during this limited-time beta. We’re quietly launching the public beta with a redesigned marketing site.

December 1, 2022

Toggle between speakers on multitrack episodes

New Feature

You can now switch between All Speaker track view or Individual audio track view on multitrack episodes. All Speaker track view is shown by default but you can toggle your view by selecting the Track: All Speakers button in the top right corner. Edits made on single-track view will be applied to both tracks so that tracks are kept in sync.

November 22, 2022

Export AAF files on multitrack episodes

New Feature

You can now export AAFs on multitrack episodes up to 4 tracks.

November 22, 2022

New waveform loading indicator

New Feature

The editor takes some time to load a full waveform for the average podcast, so we added a visual load icon so you can see the progress while you wait for the editor to fully render.

November 14, 2022

Private beta is live

New Feature

Resound is live for early waitlist users. We’re progressively letting everyone in over the coming weeks.

November 11, 2022

👥 Multitrack editing: Edit up to 4 tracks simultaneously, in sync.

New Feature

Upload, edit, and export up to 4 tracks. We’ll keep all the edits in sync on the backend for you, making cuts in both tracks.

November 11, 2022

🪄 Filler sound machine learning model v0.2.0

New Feature

We’ve refactored our entire tech stack. This ML model increases the accuracy of the boundaries in each edit, recognizes distracting breath sounds, and makes predictions in seconds rather than minutes.

August 29, 2022

Resound web app v0 is now in production

New Feature

The first work in progress version of the app is now online after several months of writing code and setting up infrastructure.

November 30, 1756

Ernst Chladni is born, setting a chain of events in motion that leads to the inspiration for Resound’s brand style

New Feature

If you haven’t noticed yet, Resound’s brand has been highly influenced by the discovery of Chladni figures - the visualization of sound in sand.